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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

RX-79 [G] Start!

Actually, I've been working on it for about 4 days. I'm sorry. I lied. Did I hurt you? I did? Damn. How about I make it up to you with.... PICTURES!

I won't post the WIP pics, I'll do those later like what I did with the F91 (Which is on a temporary hiatus...), but what I will give you is.... pics of the completed model after the basic build.

As an out of the box kit, the RX-79[G] is quite nice. It's the oldest MG I've built to date and I'm not upset with anything... except the wrists and hands. The lack of peg is frustrating and the wrists are REALLY weak... Anyway....

Articulation is reasonable okay. Nothing much compared to the ver 2.0s, but still pretty decent. There's a lot of polycaps in this kit, but they haven't given me any trouble really. I plan on making a diorama for the Eirtakon modelling competition in October with this kit. Hopefully I should be done before then. I'm planning a jungle diorama. I'm still doing sketches as I changed the idea a bit recently. Means the diorama won't be nearly as huge as I planned it to be. I'll talk about that soon as I'm done making posts for all the sections, which I should have done Friday night.

Until next time^ ^.

Monday, 26 July 2010

Ideas revolving around mono-eyes....

So, I've been having ideas lately. Thinking a few kits ahead at the moment, I'd like to work on a MG mono-eye'd suit. These are my over all ideas.

MG Gyan: The crusader;
                                      I want to make the MG gyan as either a medieval knight or a crusader. I'm considering using cloth as a robe and maybe some kind of templar theme if I pick crusader. I'll put a motif on the shield, but the body may need quite a few mods. The shoulders will need more pauldron like design. Chest will need work too, to give it a look more like a chestplate. This model will more than likely get put in one pose and never moved out of it. EVER. Probably put it in a diorama.

Zaku II; Ver. O.S.
                            A plan for a customised zaku II high mobility type, based off either Johnny Rayden or Shin Matsunaga custom units. There'll be a fair few mods in this, with an emphasis on asymmetry. I'll put the plan up here in detail some day, just to have a record of it. it'll still be a Zaku II, clearly, but it'll be customised a quite a bit.

Z'Gok; weathered and diorama
                        I'm a fan of the Z'Gok design. Love it to bits. For this, I'd like to just paint it in standard colours and make a nice diorama of it. I think it could look awesome. This would have some weathering on it to look like it's been in service for a long time.

Acguy; Marine Camouflage
                                           I'd like to do something to make this look like it's made for hunting submarines, ships and other underwater MSs. I'd like to do a mottled blue and grey colour scheme. DC23's Acguy is similar to what I'd like to achieve with this kit. I'd like to try remove panels like he did, so this idea will probably be me copying DC. Oh well, not a bad person to copy at all.

Rick Dom; Schnee Weiss
                                       The most difficult idea of all and one which I'll probably save for when my skills are far more advanced. It's the Rick Dom piloted by Haman Karn in Char's Deleted Affair; the Schnee Weiss.
I want to do it with the funnel pack equipped, but due to the high difficulty mods, I think I'll leave this for the future, but it's nice to show that I've considered doing it at some point. I'd love to be able come back and do it justice.

I'm leaning towards either the Gyan, the Acguy or the Zaku II for this project and it'll definitely be long haul project.... This feels wrong... a post without pics? Hmmm, I'll have less of that! Shazzam! Hiroko Sato to the rescue!

Anyway, til next time.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

MG F91: Inner Frame Painted

Wow, it's been a while since I last posted. I've been pretty busy though so hope you'll bear with me. Today I'm posting regarding the painting I've been doing on the F91 (Almost done too, just some fine tuning). So, without further ado...

Saturday, 10 July 2010

MG F91: Status Update

Hey, just thought I'd take a moment to tell you that I'm working away on the F91. I'm just adding lining now, so some fine tuning and it'll all be done. I might not be done as soon as I normally would though as I'll be attending the funeral of my friend's mother, so I'll be facing some down time there.

Monday, 5 July 2010

MG F91: Weapons.

As far as weapons go, the F91 has more than average with two V.S.B.R.s, a beam rifle, a beam launcher, two beam sabres and what I've heard is a bomb, though it looks like a beam shield generator to me.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

MG F91: Legs and Waist

Today I'll talk about the legs and the waist of the MG F91. The opening pic was taken with my phone after the basic build was completed.